CreArt Artist in Residence in Kristiansand Norway 2016


CreArt Artist in Residence in Kristiansand Norway 2016


In October through November we will be realizing the 2016 artist-in-residence project CreAir Kristiansand. 4 artists from the CreArt network will be invited to work for two months in the Ekserserhuset, or the 'X-house' as we like to call it. 

Deadline for application: 30. May 2016

Selection of artist by: 15. June 2016



Kristiansand is the fifth largest city in Norway with a population of nearly 87000. It is located on the south tip of the country, on the coast with direct access to the sea, but still not far from the mountains. A fairly young city established less than 400 years ago, but rapidly developing culturally. Kristiansand recently established it's own regional university (Universitetet I Agder) which adds to our pride in the city. The new concert hall, Kilden, was built a couple of years ago and is a great addition to the possibilities for scenic art. The importance of visual arts has grown the later years to include SKMU, the regional art museum, together with a well-functioning Kunsthall. Odderøya must also be mentioned, which together with the municipality has developed into a creative center for both visual arts and musicians.


7 weeks. From the 17th of October to 5th of December. The exact dates can be subject to change.


The Ekserserhuset, or the X-house, is a 200 year old building that has been used for military purposes as well as concerts, theater and the celebration of our national day up to 1940. Nowadays it is an exhibition hall as well as atelier for artists. The X-house will function as a working place for the four artists that will be admitted to CreAir Kristiansand 2016.


· Kristiansand CreAir will assist the artist to get familiar with the city, its cultural institutions and useful places.

· Kristiansand CreAir has made arrangements for the two artists Robert Wood and Mette Stausland to be interacting with the artists about their work during the period.

· Kristiansand CreAir will follow up the participants with practical issues.

· Kristiansand CreAir will be responsible for:

◦ Travel expenses, reimbursing the travel cost till a certain amount.

◦ Accommodation and 3 organized lunches each week

◦ Working budget of 600 euro a month.


· To be committed, during the whole working period, to keep the working space open

some days each week.

· To join in the activities organized by the host and which are a part of the project.

This year CreAir Kristiansand would like to present the presence of the two internationally renowned artists Robert Wood and Mette Stausland. Wood has been a senior lecturer in sculpture for over twenty years at Falmouth University in England while Stausland has extensive experience working as a successful artist, relating to the world of museums and galleries. They will both be given the roles as mentors during this residency program. We would like to see that each artist are able to develop their work in their own way during their stay in Kristiansand. We hope that the presence of these two professionals in the field will stimulate and inspire the participants in new ways. Check out their websites at and


CreArt is a collaboration between the 13 European cities: Arad/Romania, Kaunas/Lithuania, Genoa/Italy, Delft/Netherlands, Harghita County/Romania, HDLU/Croatia, Valladolid/Spain, Aveiro/Portugal, Linz/Austria, Kristiansand/Norway, Lecce/Italy, Pardubice/Czech Republic and Vilnius/Lithuania. Only artists with a degree in a field of art (university level) from above mentioned cities can apply for the project. If the applicant does not have a university degree, proof of equivalent ability must be provided through his or her artistic career.


The online application form is available here:

The following attached documentation is required:

• A short version of your resume/CV

• Documentation of recent work related to the project (no more than 5 pics)

• A short written project proposal (no more than one A4)

• ID or Passport (scanned copy)

Only applications with complete information will be accepted.

It must be submitted before 30th May 2016

Once the application form is submitted, an automatic confirmation e-mail will be sent. CreArt team in Kristiansand is going to consider your application and will inform you at the latest on 15th June.