This CreArt workshop "The current work of curator. Workshop on curatorial practice" offers the participants the opportunity to learn, discuss and reflect on an issue of great importance in the world of European and international art

DATES: 29 APRIL-2 MAY 2016

TIMETABLE:  Morning and afternoon session

LANGUAGE: The workshop will be conducted in English.

TOPIC: The Curatorial Practice Workshop is designed to immerse participants in the processes of developing an idea for an exhibition or other curatorial program into a full proposal. Aimed toward self-motivated individuals — artists and curators working independently or in institutions — the workshop will include a series of presentations on curatorial methodologies and roles. In the second half of the workshop, participants will be asked to draw a curatorial proposal based on the ideas addressed in the first half of the workshop. The briefing will be based in a real briefing for an existing curatorial open call – participants will then leave with a proposal that they can use.

DIRECTOR:Luisa Santos (1980, Lisboa), Trained as a Communication Designer (5 year Degree at Faculty Fine Arts Lisbon - 1998-2003) and worked as a Designer in Advertising and Design Studios between 2003 and 2006, in 2006, Luisa Santos decided to follow her passion for Contemporary Art and took an MA in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, in London. This was possible with a Gulbenkian Scholarship (2006-2008), Serviço de Artes (Arts Department). In 2015, she was awarded her PhD on multidisciplinary approaches in art for social change, in the frame of the CCCPM program (SEgroup and Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, Berlin). Luisa Santos is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, where she was awarded a Gulbenkian Professorship in 2016". Since July 2015, she is Executive Curator at Anozero: Coimbra Biennial of Contemporary Art.

VENUE: INCUBATOR. Užupis Art Incubator 

Užupis Art Incubator (UMI) is the first art incubator in the Baltic States running for more than 10 years. It is the only alternative artistic organization with arts center not only in Vilnius but also in Lithuania. Having experience in the international cooperation with like-minded organizations and centers abroad and using new creative resources to introduce new artistic initiatives, Art Incubator creates and maintains the original and attractive atmosphere which is fully supported and encouraged in many advanced European cities appreciating the importance of the creative industries in the country’s cultural, tourism and economic development. Here in Užupis you can find the same atmosphere which the residents and guests of the Old Town can be proud of. 


Aveiro: Madina Ziganshina

Delft: Coen de Jong

Genoa: Giorgia Ghione; Valeria Ceregini

Kaunas: Julija Pociūtė; Ina Mindiuzenko

Kristiansand: Jorann Abusland; Marianne Laukvik; Elisabeth Romberg + Mette-Line Pedersen (they applied together as a duo

Linz: Ioana Carmen Pils

Valladolid: Greta Garzarán Mediavilla; Alba Martínez Folgado; Naiara Valdano

Vilnius: Evelina Januškaitė; Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė

Zagreb: Morana Matković; Ana Škegro


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