Nicoleta Ileana Sălcudean. CreArt Ambassador


Nicoleta Ileana Sălcudean. CreArt Ambassador


The PhD in European cultural policies, Nicoleta Salcudean, from the University Babeş-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, participated on 7th February 2013 in the CreArt Conference "Developing artistic Creativity in medium sized cities" in Miercurea-Ciuc with the lecture “Creators and Cultural policies in Europe”


2008-2012 - Babeş-Bolyai University, PhD Student in Cultural Sociology, European Studies Faculty,

(thesis: Cultural Policies and Identiy Construct in the European Context)

2002-2003 – Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Faculty of Philology, M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, History of Images-History of Ideas,

(thesis: Yugoslavian Approximations)

1995-1999 - Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Faculty of Philology, B.A. in Romanian and English grammar and literature,

(thesis: Hexameter of Creation)

Professional Experience 

2013–present - associate researcher, Philosophy Department, History and Philosophy Faculty, Babes-Bolyai University

2012– present – lecturer, Cinema and Media Studies Department, Theatre and Television Faculty, Babes-Bolyai University

2012-present – director, Continuous Formation-Lifelong Learning Centre, Babes-Bolyai University

2008 - 2012 – expert, Lifelong Learning Centre, Babes-Bolyai University

2003-2007 - Personnel Manager, Cultural Manager, Consultant - Cultural Center Quo Vadis, Cluj-Napoca

Personnel Development: code of ethics and policies for the employees, job interviews and assessment, supervising, marketing

PR: advertising, PR strategies, coordinating press activities, recruiting new staff and speakers, editing text

Cultural management: organizing programs on different themes: art, history, multiculturalism, politics, business, communism, poetry, communication etc.

- events: MC-ing events, moderating discussions, organizing art exhibitions, programs for students, happenings, conferences, seminars

- networking with other organizations or cultural institutes/centers from Cluj-Napoca

2000-2006 - Visiting professor, Director of the PR Department, University of the Nations

Visiting professor – modular courses on topics such as: Communication, Worldview and Old Testament Narrative (Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania)

Director, one term course: Worldview School in Romania, Medias

Staff, one term course, Worldview School, Switzerland, Wiler

Co-director, one term course, School of Bible Interpretations, Romania, Medias

Mentoring - new members of the team

Leadership – member in the leadership team of the local organization

Community development projects - planning , strategizing and practical involvement


2011 - PhD Research Internship – Otto-von- Guericke Universität Magdeburg, Germania

2009 - Cambridge Scholars Network (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, England) – Academic Mentoring Program

2007 - Dialog on Religions, India (Bombay, Calcutta, Darbangha, Patna, Bodgaia, Varanasi)

-Tunisian Civilizations , Tunisia (Sousse, Djerba, Ain Draham coordinating a research project for students at the History University from Cluj-Napoca and Iasi)

2005-2008 – History Makers Program, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, coordinating three editions of an internship for students with topics such as: epistemology, art, ethics, history, communication etc

2001-2002 – Dialog on Religions, Egypt (Alexandria, Cairo), coordinating the team, research, teaching, social work



Social` and `Cultural` in the European Context. The New Vocabular of Culture in the Social-Political European Paradigm, Risoprint, Cluj-Napoca. 2013. 



• ”Art and Vandalism. CrossBreeding of Street Art: (re)interpretation of Street art From Sociological, Aesthetical and Interactivity Perpective”, Journal of Media Research, vol. 5, issue 1(12)/2012, pp. 45-60. 

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• Mocan Rodica and Sălcudean Ileana Nicoleta, ”New Technologies – New Learning Paradigms”, 25th DRC Annual Meeting and Conference, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, 2009, pp. 153-157. 


• ”Despre August Strindberg, Muriel Spark şi Julian Barnes. Cărţile lor”,[ About August Strindberg, Muriel Spark and Julian Barnes. Their books], Steaua, 1-2/ 2003;

• “Identităţi comparative în postcolonialism – Susan Bassnett”,[ Identity comparative postcolonialism - Susan Bassnett], Steaua, 4-5/2003;

• “Luptă şi sacrilegiu – Anaïs Nin”, [Fight and sacrilege - Anaïs Nin], Steaua, 6/2003;

• “Literatură şi totalitarism – Calda ospitalitate românească”, [Literature and Totalitarianism – the Warm Romanian hospitality], Caietele Echinox, 7/2004


Collective Anthologies

• Cuvinte la Schimb, [Words in Exchange], vol. II, Risoprint, Cluj-Napoca, 2009.

• Cuvinte la Schimb, ,[Words in Exchange], vol. I, Eben-Ezer, Oradea, 2001.

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