CreArt Encounter "AiR for Experiment". 2nd December in Delft


CreArt Encounter "AiR for Experiment". 2nd December in Delft


AiR for Experiment – is there enough room for experiment in the cultural landscape of Europe?

How can artist organizations, artist-in-residence programs and local governments work together at local level to enhance the European cultural landscape? The encounter AiR for Experiment takes place December 2nd at Lijm & Cultuur in Delft, the Netherlands. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Artist organizations and artist-in-residence programs provide open, relational, social spaces embedded in the locality of a village or city. They connect artists and create communities of practitioners: to test ideas, take creative risks and explore new directions in their artistic practice. Many of these initiatives operate internationally and function as local platforms for the production and presentation of new work as well as the development of discourse, knowledge and understanding, in the arts and in society as well. Often they realize participative projects that engage in experimental manner in social, economical and cultural structures of a city or region. More and more partners like funds and policymakers follow these developments and connect in search of dialogue and collaboration.

Medium-seized cities in Europe are embedded in the structures and cultural networks of a region, seeking to offer a counterweight to the capital cities that often recruit all arts and culture. How can dialogue and collaboration between local governments and artist-run initiatives take place in this context? What short and long-term effect can participatory art projects
have for medium-seized cities or a region? These and other questions will be explored in several case studies together with policymakers, artist organizations and artist-in-residence programs from the Netherlands and different regions in Europe.

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