Antonio López selects 25 to participate in the Artist Worshop

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Antonio López selects 25 to participate in the Artist Worshop


Today 22nd January has been published the list of artists selected by the Spanish master of Contemporary realism, Antonio López, to participate in the first workshop for creators, organized by the CreArt project (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation) that he will give from 25th February to 1st March in Valladolid, in the Laboratory for the Arts (Lava). In the Open Call, endend 21st December 2012, more than 100 applications have been submitted from European artists of the CreArt cities that take part in the project.


    The proposal of this workshop with the Spanish master of figuration Antonio López is to deal with different ways of pictorial representation, where the participants will be able to show their interests and ideas, and to work and develop their creative processes close to one of the great artistic references of the Contemporary Realism. This workshop, lasting 5 days, intends to approach the experimentation, the artistic creation, and the improvement of the techniques used by the participant artists, who come from all of over Europe. They will have the opportunity to contrast their work with the expert look of Antonio López, one of the most representative figures of Spanish Contemporary Art. Along the practice sessions of this workshop, artists from different countries can share in person advices, comment proceedings, research methodologies and enjoy the explanations about their ideas and projects. Specifically, in this workshop the different perspectives from the genres of the figurative tradition as stilllife, portrait and landscape will be explored.


 Below the list of artists selected and the city of origin:


- Onisim Colta (Arad - Romania)

- João Pedro Trindade (Aveiro - Portugal)

- Merel van Engelen (Delft - Netherlands)

- Leonard Sherifi (Genoa - Italy)

- Ruben de Michellini (Genoa - Italy)

- Szende Melinda Gidó (Harghita - Romania)

- Vytautas Tautkevičius (Kaunas – Lithuania)

- Camilla Lilleengen (Kristiansand – Norway)

- Hannah Winkelbauer (Linz – Austria)

- Ina Hsu (Linz – Austria)

- Ondrej Petrlik (Pardubice – Czech Republic)

- Algirdas Gataveckas (Vilnius – Lithuania)

- Remigijus Gataveckas (Vilnius – Lithuania)

- Andrés Sánchez García (Valladolid – Spain)

- Daniel Simeonov Yordanov (Valladolid - Spain)

- Eduardo Alonso Rico (Valladolid - Spain)

- Elisa Rodríguez González (Valladolid - Spain)

- Enrique González Reche  (Valladolid - Spain)

- Eva del Fraile Fiz (Valladolid - Spain)

- Isidoro Moreno López (Valladolid - Spain)

- Jaime Martínez Arribas (Valladolid - Spain)

- Luis Pérez Martín (Valladolid - Spain)

- Miguel Ángel Tapia Palomo (Valladolid - Spain)

- Pablo Gimenez Olavarria (Valladolid - Spain)

- Santiago Bellido Blanco (Valladolid - Spain)


The coordination team of CreArt in Valladolid will put in contact with the selected artists as soon as possible through the emails provided in their applications.