Call to participate in Artist Workshop with Luca Vitone in Genoa

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Call to participate in Artist Workshop with Luca Vitone in Genoa



Luca Vitone will be the Director of the second Artist Workshop organised within the framework of the EU funded project CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation). The workshop coordinated by the Municipality of Genoa will take place during 17-21 March2014 in the Museum Villa Croce of Genoa.  Artists born or resident in any of the CreArt cities will have the opportunity to participate in this 5-days workshop to share, learn and exchange artistic experiences together with other artists from the CreArt Network (Aveiro, Delft, Linz, Vilnius, Pardubice, Kaunas, Lecce, Kristiansand, Arad County, Genoa, Harghita County and Valladolid)


The online application form to participate in this workshop is available in the following link: - and must be submitted before the 5th January 2014. The decision will be announced on January 31st 2014




“The memory in your pocket”
Memory is a term that the visual arts, in recent decades, have turned into aesthetic category producing projects and artworks in public and private spaces. These projects and artworks investigated different themes such as identity, tradition, history, monument, our roots in order to search for a meaning of our contemporary life.
The workshop offers a path of knowledge focused on these themes and will investigate the Genoese urban spaces and their inhabitants through the personal experiences of the participants.

The workshop will take place in three stages:
- In the first day , after a presentation of the workshop , the artists involved will describe their own research to the others in order to initiate a debate and confront their ideas that are necessary for mutual understanding.
- Within three next days of the workshop participants will work on projects while maintaining an ongoing dialogue that will nurture mutual comparison useful to this workshop.
- The fifth and final day there is foreseen that the participants will prepare a presentation of their projects as it was a setting up of an exhibition.