Imagining Europe. Performaces, Debates and Encounters

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Imagining Europe. Performaces, Debates and Encounters


For nearly 60 years the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) has worked with artists and thinkers from across the globe. Now, as Europe faces one of the most challenging periods in its existence, we want to unravel some of the burning questions confronting contemporary Europe. 

Europeans are questioning what it means to be part of Europe and whether they want to continue to be part of it, while people around the world are talking about Europe’s economic and cultural future.

In response, ECF initiates a four-day event – Imagining Europe – that will bring together leading artists and thinkers from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to explore these issues, through music, performance, film, exhibitions and debates. 

Imagining Europe will take place on the 4–7 October 2012 at the renowned cultural space, De Balie in Amsterdam

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