Algirdas Gataveckas

1992-2004 studying Alytaus Piliakalnio secondary school
1993-2004 living at Alytus State Children’s Home
2001-2004 studying in Alytus Art School
2004-2008 graduated from monumental art (fresco-mosaic) Bachelor study program in VDA (Vilnius Art Academy), Lithuania. Degree acquired.
2008-2010 graduated from monumental art (fresco-mosaic) Master study program in VDA (Vilnius Art Academy), Lithuania. Degree acquired.
2008 The exhibition of drawing and integrated art in honor of the Queen of Netherlands visit to Vilnius (requested by Her Highness), VDA (Vilnius Art Academy) fresco–mosaic studio, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2010 Object exhibition "The Situation" gallery "art niche, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 be represented Lithuania in 2011/2013. the international contemporary art biennial exhibition JCE / jeune CREATION EUROPEENNE "
2012 Project "Impact" Presentation in the international contemporary art fair 'ArtVilnius'12 Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Group Lithuanian Exhibition (How I got here) * Painting Lithuania, CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2012 The Best artist International Contemporary Art Fair 'ArtVilnius'12 (elected by the audience), Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 The best young Lithuanian artist international contemporary art fair 'ArtVilnius'12(under 35m). Litexpo Vilnius, Lithuania