Dovile Martinatyte

1990 - Vilnius (Lithuania)


She is young photographer from Lithuania with a great passion for visual arts and theatre, who is trying to look beyond the phrase “What is the real influence of art for human beings?”. At the moment she is studying photography in Milano and work as a freelance photographer. Before she has finished studies of dietetics which didn’t complete her fulfillment and leave the field of medicine and go on for her strongest desire- arts. Though she is only twenty three years old she has already did her three personals exhibitions and participated in many nationals and internationals projects, here is the list of my main experiences:

Visual arts:
• 2013 (February): personal photography exposition – Title: “Paklotos mintys” – Gallery:
“Laiptu galerija ”, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
• 2011: attendance of photography courses in “R.Zolubo fotografijos kursai” in Vilnius,
• 2010: photography project “Fotografuok su meistru” in Vilnius, Lithuania (2 months);
• 2010: project “Improve your creativity” in Aarhus, Denmark (1 week);
• 2010: member of the “Šiauliai photography club ”, organization of an exposition in Šiauliai,
Lithuania (4 months);
• 2009 (January): personal exposition of drawings – Title: “Pavasari kai sninga” - Galery:
“4m2”, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
• 2008 (October): personal photography exposition – Title: “Belaukiant ryto” – Gallery: “Laiptu
galerija”, Šiauliai, Lithuania;
• 2008 (October): first-place winner of the international photography competition “Langas” in
Šiauliai, Lithuania.