Hugo Paquete

Hugo Paquete (b 1979) Intermedia and sound artist, which in his research uses concepts about space, entropy, noise and microtonality as a visual and audible ecosystem according to spatial and psychological characteristics, (acoustic, architectonic,  sculptural,  perspective,  communicative,  evocative  and  environmental). The result is an audible interaction, open and indeterminate to the present time scales nano and macro in an ontological level. Territory of hyper-sensation and experimentation, observation and enclose the body in the listening act, turning it active and explored referential and resonator propulsive in a psycho-acoustic level. In his works he uses technical elements and practices from the field recording to computer generated sound synthesizing and audio spacialization. Denoting interest in stochastic  probabilities  between  computer  algorithmic  and  programming  interaction with software and object oriented composition and performative expression. He was a resident artist in the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, IMA | Institute for Music & Acoustics. He has actively presented his research in solo and collaborative art activities, nationally and internationally. He is developing other project with the  name SSTFM and Quadrivium project focus in electroacustica and acousmatic music. He collaborated with the Lithuanian Artist Julijonas Urbonas to the development of the sound composition to the Talking Doors project that earn the Distinction in the Interactive Art category price Prix Ars Electronica 2010, and recommendation jury 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2010 and honorary mention in the Media, Live 2011 Grand Prix, Turku, Finland.

Selected solo activities:

In  -  Sonora  VII  Muestra  de  Arte  Sonoro  e  Interactivo.  Museu  Rainha  Sofia,  Madrid,

Espanha 2012. / Audiorama/Ars Acustica 4, Stockholm, Sweden. 2012. / International

Radiophonic Creation /Journee de la creation radiophonique – France and other

countries. 2012. / SoundGate – A part of Port2010, Kunsten Museu, Utzon Centre and

Platform4,  Dinamarca,  2011Sonic  Vigil  V,  Sound  Station,  St  Fin  Barre`s  Cathedral -

Ireland, 2011.  Festival  Música  Viva  2008-2009, Centro  Cultural  de  Belém,  Lisboa –

Portugal / 39- Imebconcours internationaux de Bourges Musiques electroacoustiques

et arts electroniques 2009 –France / Zeppelin 2009 Sounds of power / Listening of fear.

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona –Spain / Art Tech Media 2009



Mestrado em Criação artistica Contemporanea , Universidade de Aveiro. 2014

Degree in Fine Arts and new media (Licenciatura), ESAD.CR, Escola Superior de Artes e Design

de Caldas da Rainha. Portugal

Technical course of light design. Centro de formação media parque - radio televisão Portuguesa

Conclusion of Secondary School in Visual Arts - Soares dos Reis artistic education specialized



Personal Awards and collaborative projects awarded


Ars Electronica 2010 in collaboration with Julijonas Urbona with the project Talking Doors,

Distinction in the Interactive Art

Jury Recommended Work, 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2010. in collaboration

with Julijonas Urbona with the project Talking Doors.

Honorary mention in Participative Media, Live 2011 Grand Prix, Turku, Finland. in collaboration

with Julijonas Urbona with the project Talking Doors.

Concurso Serralves em festa Quadrivium Project

3 Prix Mértolarte




2011-ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie – Karlsruhe- Germany

ZKM | Institute for Music & Acoustics (Resident artist)


Lectures & Workshops:


AVANCA | CINEMA 2014: Conferência Internacional de Cinema - Arte, Tecnologia,




Dispositivos na Prática Artística Contemporânea, CEAA | Centro de Estudos Arnaldo Araújo

Grupo de Arte e Estudos Críticos, ESAP | Escola Superior Artística do Porto, 2014


sound teacher: ESAP: Escola superior de artisticas do Porto, Portugal, 2011 to 2014

sub-pedagogical director: Degree in Fine Art and Intermedia, ESAP, Portugal 2012 to


2011 - IMA | lab no. 2 “multi-medialness”, ZKM | Institute for Music & Acoustics

With Matthias Ockert (D) “Die Bibliothek von Babel” (Opera, 2010-2012) and Hugo Paquete(PT)

audio visual compositions [in English] Host: Julia Gerlach

2011 - BEYOND: Workshop Pygmalion: Image-Body-Space interaction

Teachers: Chris Ziegler, Hugo Paquete and Bertha Bermúdez

The International Choreographic Arts Centre Amsterdam (ICKamsterdam)

2010 - Artes Sonoras e tecnicas complementares, Marco de canaveses - Portugal


Lectures and teaching:

Colaborador Externo do CESEM - Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical.

Composição, interpretação, experimentação

Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP) Portugal 2011/2012/2013

Sound teacher. Degree in Fine Art and Intermedida

And Degree in design communication and multimedia



Director of the Institute of Viral Sonology: Is an undercover curatorial sound project  for sonic

proliferation and psychological affections and ontological sonic exploration over the web.


Exposições Individuais.

2010 - “Experiments for a tragic day”, Drop-d Contemporany, Lisboa - Portugal

2010 - “Forecasting”, sputenik "the window", Porto - Portugal

2009 - “Process”, Galeria Alvarez, Porto – Portugal

2008 - “Articulation Function”, Galeria Alvarez, Porto – Portugal

2006 - “XYZ”, Galeria Alvarez, Porto – Portugal

2003 - “Realidadeparadoxalmenteruidosa”, Galeria Alvarez salaUM, Porto – Portugal