Szende Melinda Gidó

Born in 1988, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Transylvania,Romania.
In 2007, I started my BA studies at Textile Art Department of the University of Art and Design (UAD Cluj)-Cluj Napoca, Romania and in 2012 I finished my MA studies at the same university. Apart from textile arts, I was studing graphics, textile design, painting on the University of Art and Design Łódż, Poland (ASP Łódż), and weaving, textile printing on the Moholy Nagy Art and Design University (MOME), Budapest, Hungary.
In 2012 I have got a creative scholarschip for a year, from the Communitas Foundation, Romania.
I am interested about the utopian philosophy, in absurd, imaginary world-views, where we, people are suffering and wants to escape to something more individual, unique and personal. According to the vision of the utopian socialists the future society will be on joint production, joint consuption and will be live toghether based on larger units. My works are based of this ideas, and reflected a society who felt into a trap of the modern, high-tech, impersonal world, but recognizing this fact still have fate and hope to fight and creat valuable life.