Saulius Dastikas

 Vardas Saulius Pavardė Dastikas.  Vilnius


"Painter Saulius Dastikas (born 1971) combines traditional painting and contemporary strategies. His works are marked by regular experiments with matter and latest technology as well as by continuous search for new interpretations and effects to achieve a desired result. Denying neither the skills he has acquired nor the room for free expression and coincidence, the artist calls his creative process a ‘controlled accident’.

Art critics attribute the style of Dastikas to the Abstract Expressionism or even to its branch, the Neo-Expressionism. Colors are important as well as are brushstrokes, composition and painting's overall mood that conveys a pure emotion of an artist. Having started with Expressionist landscapes, the artist eventually moved to more abstract themes and bigger format works, including figure paintings.                                     

The painting style of Dastikas is as interesting as his artistic attitude. He believes that the contents of a painting depends not only on the mastery or professionalism, but also on the energy put in during the creative process which the painter takes a great care of."                        Aistė Paulina Virbickaitė, Arts Critic


1971                 Was born in Kedainiai, Lithuania

1990 - 1995    Art Faculty of Siauliai University, Lithuania

1997 - 1998    Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Art Technologies

2013                 Member of Lithuanian Artists Association

Personal exhibitions :

2014   Galeri Krebsen Copenhagen, Denmark

2012  “Landscape Impressions” Liza's gallery, Stege, Mon, Denmark

2012  “Norway Impressions”, Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2011   Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2010  Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2010 „Summer Openness“ Actus Magnus gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2010 „Vibrations“ „Laiptų“ gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania

2009  Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2008  Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2008 „Instant Moment” Actus Magnus gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2007  Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2006 Skive library, Skive, Denmark

2002 “Nature Music”, Byrum, Laeso, Denmark

2002  Anie Julie gallery , Laeso, Denmark

2001  Anie Julie gallery , Laeso, Denmark

2000  Anie Julie gallery, Laeso, Denmark

1999 Anie Julie gallery , Laeso, Denmark

1995 Od Arne Amlen art project, Gjovik, Norway


 Group exhibitions:

2014 Exhibition "Figūra, figūros, figūrai..." Juškus Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 Exhibition " Litauere kommer" gallery Salling, Skive, Denmark

2013 Exhibition „Black light“, Janina Monkutė-Marks museum Kėdainiai, Lithuania

2013  Galeri Krebsen 2013 X-mas  exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013  Art Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013 „Light – dusk“ plain air exhibition Balnininkai, Lithuania

2013 Bikuskis mansion plain air exhibition, Bikuskis, Lithuania

2013 Exhibition of the New Members of Lithuanian Artists Association, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013  Salling gallery, Brøndsalen art fair, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013  Octopus Art pojects “Light”, Venice, Italy

2013 RA gallery exhibition „Spiečius“, Vilnius, Lithuania

2012 Octopus Art projects Art fair „Berliner Liste“,  Berlin, Gemany

2012  Octopus Art project  exhibition „War“,  Riga, Latvia

2012  LTART.NL  project  „Identity“  Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012  Exhibition „Angelai“, Janina Monkutė-Marks museum Kėdainiai, Lithuania

2011 S. Dastikas and M. Gaubas exhibition Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2010  „Heritage of Pomarnackiai:visialization of the past“ Alanta palace, Molėtai, Lithuania

2010 Girsteitiškis plein air exhibition, Girsteitiškis, Lithuania

2010 Molėtai- Nida plein air exhibition, Molėtai museum, Molėtai, Lithuania

2008 5th International Art Fest Šiauliai Monmartr Respublic, Laiptai gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania

2008 “Lithuanians are comming” Salling gallery, Skive Denmark

2007  Exhibition  Šiauliai „Laiptai“ gallery , Lithuania

2007  Utena Art gallery, Utena, Lithuania

2005   „Contemporary Art Quadrennial“,  Vilnius, Lithuania

2004  Rasmus gallery, Odense, Denmark

2004  "Transferred Themes ", Č. Milošas foundation, J. Monkutės Marks museum, Šeteniai, Lithuania

2003  DGV gallery, Svendborg, Denmark

2003 Roedhusgaarden gallery , Pandrup, Denmark

2003 The Debut of Young artists and literates, Č. Milošas foundation, J. Monkutės Marks museum, Šeteniai, Lithuania

2002 Valdemars Slot, Svendborg, Denmark

2002  Wolfsen gallery Aalborg, Denmark

2001 108 gallery, Roskilde, Denmark

1995  Kėdainiai Town Hall, Kėdainiai, Lithuania