Simona Zemaityte


Simona Zemaityte is a Lithuanian artist and filmmaker currently working on an art film on Love and Sugar. Simona produced a number of works exhibited, screened, nominated and awarded internationally (Sheffield Documentary festival; BAFTA Short film festival; 15th Tallinn Print Triennial, European Capital of Culture 2010, Contemporary Art Center Lithuania). Until very recently she also worked for one of the YBA’s and director Sam Taylor-Johnson (Wood). 



Photo series 'On Love and Sugar':

Solo Show at Lithuanian Embassy, March 2015, Delhi 

Short animated documentary 'Born in USSR':  

Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin July 2014, Berlin 

Nominated at Sheffield Documentary Film Festival 2011 (International Premiere, Best Student Film Nomination), Sheffield 

Land in Focus: New generation of Lithuanian Filmmakers Kaunas International Film Festival 2011 (National Premiere), London

Soho Shorts Festival 2011 (BAFTA documentary programme), London 

Riga IFF ARSENALS 2011 (Festival Opening Event), Riga Vilnius Cinema Shorts 2011, Riga

International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris 2012, Vilnius

Contemporary Art Center, Lietuvos daile 2012, Vilnius

Short documentary 'Exit': 

Awarded at 15th Tallinn Print Triennial, 2011 Tallinn 

Exhibited at the gallery Kaire-Desine, 2012, Vilnius 

Presented in a show Sezonas, 2012 Vilnius 

Presented in a show “Every Day, To Die all Over Again', gallery Malonioji, 2013, Vilnius 

Video installation and performance ‘Inside Out’:

Selected project for Visibility Project, Galata Perform, European Capital of Culture 2010, Istanbul 

Presented in a solo show at gallery Vartai Vilnius, May 2012, Vilnius 

Video installation ‘Big Bubble: 

The USSR Under the Flavor of a Smuggled Donald Duck’: Selected project for the exhibition at Kasa Gallery, Economy of Arts Event, 2010, Istanbul