Lidia Giusto

(Genoa, Italy, 1984)
Visual Artist and Photographer.
“From time immemorial, she has been fond of photography and this
interest has improved by travelling and expressing what surrounds her throughout
images, using snapshots as a means to express her feelings. Described as
“photographer of feelings”, she tries to catch the place where she is and what it
means to her in a very natural immediate reflexive shocking way. Her personal
project of urban exploration has been on its way for over 10 years. It is becoming
closer to industrial archaeology, inside of an emotional and psychological
research towards anything which passes unnoticed in everyday life, but which is
reconsidered only through the white and black image. She tries to give a new life
to beautiful sensitive places, which often have been forgotten by the establishment
and abandoned to an unavoidable fate. Inside her project, urban abandoning and
industrial archaeology can be described as the study of framing, structure and
lines, but above all as a self-examination. So that the result is a work which cannot
be static, but it is in a continue evolution. It is oriented to a work based on lines
and on the study of urban architecture. This is linked to