Inês Rocha

1990 Aveiro (Portugal)


Degree in Plastic Arts - Painting and Intermedia and Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation. In recent years,she has reflected mainly in the relationship between contemporary art and the fictional file. She has sought to contribute to demystify the idea that it is possible to fully recover the memory of past events, forcing us to rethink the traditional legitimacy. In this way, she brings us to the reformulation of the concept of file and also paper, creating new artistic formats. Her reflection on the file focuses in particular on photographic. Then she tells us  that, ontologically, the word "photographic" refers to an image that represents the real and its related immortalized in material form in order to reveal sensitive. However, when applied to the memory plan, projects the viewer into the past. So one of the objectives, when working with photography, is  ironic to the belief of the documentary value normally associated with the photographic record.