Hannah Winkelbauer

Hannah Winkelbauer was born 1987 in Vienna, Austria. After finishing school in Vienna she moved to Linz and studied Fine Arts and Cultural Sciences at the University of Arts and Design. In 2010 she also studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, Italy.

Winkelbauer took part in several group and solo exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Hungary. She also experienced workshops and residencies in Austria and abroad.

From July 2009 until July 2010 she had a studio grant in the “Atelierhaus Salzamt” in Linz and in November 2011, also within the scope of a studio grant, she was able to work in Malo, Italy.

Winkelbauer is member of the artist group die kumpaninnen since 2009. Together with Esther Strauß, Iris Christine Aue and Magdalena Steinleitner she realizes projects in different Austrian cities and produces the publication “Institut” every year.

In her artistic work Winkelbauer occupies herself with the topic of portait and its development in art history. She often uses photographies as models for her paintings. She deals with pictures from media, e.g. portraits of politicians or other known people. Working as a painter in a very traditional and realistic manner, for her contains thinking about what painting today is and what its advantages and possibilities are.

Winkelbauer is not only a painter but also a cultural scientist. In her cultural scientific work she is engaged in the topic of women artists with a focus on women artists in Renaissance and Baroque Italy. The feminist point of view is important in her theoretical work as well as in her artistic work.

The artist lives and works in Vienna and Linz.