Virgis Ruseckas

(Jonava, Lithuania, 1963)
Academic and professional background
In 1983 graduated from Kaunas Art School.
Participates in exhibitions since 1990. Arranges solo exhibitions in Kaunas
and Vilnius, takes active part in collective exhibitions.
Most important exhibitions
2012 | “GK” Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania 2009 “Eglés” Gallery, Kaunas,
Lithuania 2005 “Navalis” Hotel, Klaipéda, Lithuania 2004 “Rütos”
Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania 2004 “Eglés” Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
1999 Gallery “Langas”, Kaunas, Lithuania 1996 “Ciurlionis” Gallery,
Chicago, USA 1 995 Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania 1990 Gallery
“AL”, Kaunas, Lithuania