Nuvola Ravera

1984 - Genoa (Italy) E


"Nuvola Ravera’s search started from autobiographical themes and subsequently moved from the private sphere to the public one in a continuous interchange. The languages used are research tools that hide within them the secret of their own limitations. Photography, for example, leads to an apparent physical and emotional closeness with each other and it is on this closeness / distance that attention is put on. The need to create a personal history that includes the collectivity in a contemporary context, so complex and difficult to be mapped in its entirety because of the surplus of information and methods, has led the artist to imagine a form of shared narrative. This type of practice often implies the cooperation of other people to explore the fear that lurks in the existence itself, the potential of biographies, the rediscovery of complex scenarios and the discovery of forgotten tales. Her course of study, focused on visual arts, is intertwined with her life, consisted of long periods of travel in selfmanaged anarchist communes that concealed a strong conservative spirit of superstitions, traditions and oral narratives. This has enabled her to develop a wide field of interest that passes through the reconstruction of forgotten things, the narrative of folklores and habits of specific groups of people through a variety of medias. From this was born the desire to find new symbols to use in a shared present through which reshape the ancient history of each and everyone."