Daniele Lasalandra


Daniele Lasalandra is born in Genova, Italy in 1982, lives and works between Genova, Belgium and Norway.
As a son of a paintings’ restorer I lived my childhood among Italian and Flemish masterpieces, considering paintings as objects made with pigments, oil and varnish, not as images only. Charmed by images’ mass consumption, during my fine arts studies I’ve literally run away from paint moving to Los Angeles, switching to disruptive performance to communicate the incommunicability (FluoRage – 2005).

Soon I got frustrated by that primitive attempt of non-communication and the renounce to hundreds years of grammar and in 2007 I went in a monastery, to contemplate the world and point the unconsumed mystery in it. Paint would have been the only possible language: archaic and contemporary.
Passionate with Baroque Italian masters for their strength, the abstractive power of their surfaces and detachment by the piece itself, I have deeply researched and practiced for their original techniques (Cennino Cennini, Vasari, Alberti) finding out contemporary pertinence. I craft my oil colors, canvases and back frames, but I refuse any virtuosism, mannerism, hyper-realism.
Inspired by David Hockney in his studies about Caravaggio, shameless I use a digital projector for the same purpose of XVI sec. Camera Obscura, to mechanize the production and omit myself. Unknown persons’ portraits, landscapes, or trompe l’oile boxes: my paintings focus on the relationship between the painting-object and the painting-image, and the overturning of this concept.
As transgression became popular, tradition looks highly provocative nowadays, especially expressed by survived paint. More the media and the genre are consummated more they become iconic, and I can disappear leaving my work autonomous.

Mother of visual arts and spontaneous act of children and maniacs, paint is a safe territory where the mistery of being can be magnified by the fiction of itself. I’m obsessed by the meanings of things, their representation and reproducibility, by misunderstanding, mystification and the possibility of a shareable truth even in a relativistic era signed by fanaticism.

I’ve been enlightened by color field and concrete art, especially the encounter with Gerhard Richter works, who confirmed to me the possibility to proceed in different directions without the need to refer to a single idea as a trademark, and with no fear for apparent contradictions.

Professional artist – since 2006. With national and international exhibitions and paintings present in corporate and private collections.
Private classes lectures, conferences and workshop about classical and contemporary techniques of painting, for adults and children
Tutor at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera – Milan, Italy 2006-2008

Master in paint – Sacred Art School, Florence, Italy 2009
Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (110/110) – ALBA, Genoa, Italy 2002 – 2006
Upper Education (90/100) – LAS Paul Klee, Genoa, Italy 2001

Italian (mother tongue)
English (advanced written and oral, Level B2)

My paintings, drawings and prints are present in corporated collections: (Madrid’s Earth Army, Curia of Genova, Guardia Forestale of Asti, Guardia di Finanza of Turin, Vigili del Fuoco di Potenza, Museo del Mare of Pesaro, INAIL) and private collections: (Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Madrid, Munich, Berlin, Milan, Genova, Venice, Monza, Trento, Pesaro, Matera, and others).


2014 | Come distruggere 12 Capolavori con un pennello – Palazzo Lomellino, Genova

2014 | Forme Difformi – Galleria Golia, Roma

2013 | Shadows collide with people – Villa Zanucchi Pompei, Pesaro

2012 | Africa – Villa Zanucchi Pompei, Pesaro

2011 | Nimph – Studio Poluzzi, Genova

2011 | Nimph – Villa Zanucchi Pompei, Pesaro

2010 | Meditazioni – Castello di Nervi, Genova

2010 | Metamorfosi – Villa Zanucchi Pompei, Pesaro

2009 | Presagi — Palazzo Morandi Bonacossi, Gradara

2007 | Fluorescience — Clever Exp, Dublino

2007 | Easy Mystic Fascinations — with Ike Hatton, The Miracle, Londra

2005 | FLUORAGE – series of 57 performance, Los Angeles


2015 | Genova Città Aperta – Museo di Sant’Agostino, Genova

2015 | Disintegration and Apparance – Crab’s Lab, London

2014 | Earth’s Army – Palacio del Ejercito de Tierra, Madrid

2014 | Ingirum imus noctes et consumimur igni – Palazzo Grillo, Bologna

2013 | Il pittore buono è il pittore morto – Palazzo Massimo, Roma

2013 | INAIL – Pesaro (L.Pratesi).

2012 | Il Senso del Sacro – Chiostro di Santa Maria del Prato

2011 | INAIL – Fano,

2011 | INAIL – Porto San Giorgio,

2011 | INAIL – Palazzo Ducale, Pesaro 2011

2010 | Figurazioni II – Museo Civico di Sant’Agostino, Genova 2010

2010 | De Industria – Ex mattatoio, Fermignano PU

2010 | Figurazioni – Biblioteca Civica L. Berio, Genova

2010 | La Stanza della Memoria — Accademia di Belle Arti Genova

2007 | Art Street Art — Porto Antico, Genova

2006 | Il Lavoro — Palazzo Ducale, Genova

2006 | L’Oggetto del Desiderio — Loggia della Mercanzia, Genova

2005 | Artcore Expo — Los Angeles, California


2015 | Como Contemporary Contest, Como, Italy

2015 | Symbols Project, Avilès, Spain

2013 | Competitive Bid for Arts, site specific installation, Rome, Italy

2013 | INAIL prize, 1st place – Pesaro (L. Pratesi curator) Italy

2012 | Competitive Bid for Arts, Vigili del Fuoco, Potenza, Italy

2012 | Competitive Bid for Arts, Guardia di Finanza, Turin, Italy

2012 | Competitive Bid for Arts, Guardia Forestale, Asti, Italy

2011 | Impromptu Paint: 1st place – Pesaro, Italy

2010 | Impromptu Paint 3rd place – Pesaro, Italy

2009 | Impromptu Paint 6th place – Pesaro, Italy

2005 | ERSU Merit Schoolarship – Genova, Italy