Enrico Ingenito

1978- Genoa (Italy)

Email: enricoingenito78@gmail.com

Website: enricoingenito.com

Enrico Ingenito is an artist born in Genova on 04/11/78. He graduated from Bologna Academy of Fine Arts with a Degree in Painting (2004) and specialized in visual arts and studio arts at Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts (Genova, 2006). Since 2005 he has been living in Genova, where he is working on several art projects, ranging from visual arts (painting, photography and videos) to collaborations with other artist-performers, developing the theme of the body. In the 2006 he has participated in a co-working art project with the cultural association “Corpi in Danza” , carrying out the realization of two videos: “Post caos” and “Sharing”.In the last years, he develop his own technical working about urban subject and portrait. He has also taken part in several collective exhibitions both in Italy (Genova, Bologna) and abroad (Marseille and Tunis)
For his video “Post caos”, he collaborated with the association Corpi in Danza at the following workshops: physical body (corpo fisico), memory body (corpo memoria) and spiritual body (corpo spirituale).

He was a finalist in the painting section of the open competition “Premio Nazionale Delle Arti” hosted by the Ministry of Education and Research with his work “Untitled” published in the competition catalogue.
- November 2013. Personal exibition "Viraggio1" at Palazzo Lomellino (Genova)
- September 2011. Personal exibition "Tessuto metropolitano" at Open lab Gallery (Genova)
- June 2010. Personal exibition "La quiete crea movimento" at Open lab Gallery (Genova)
- April 2009. Personal exibition "Frames" at Open lab Gallery (Genova)
- July 2008. Performance at Gergeri (Crete) Artist Residence thanks to the project “Simposium” organized by Gergeri City Hall.
- May 2008. Performance at L’Estaque Artist Residence (Marseille), thanks to a project realized by the cultural association ECUME
- April 2008. Collective Exhibition, “Vassoi da artista” (artist trays) at Magi 900 in Bologna.
- June 2007. Collective Exhibition “Urbanamente” (urbanely) at Osemont Gallery of Modern Art (Albissola - SV)
- April 2007. Collective Exhibition “Sacred”in Bologna.
• June 2006. He participated in the Biennal Exhibition of Mediterranean Art (Tunis).