Sois de traca (María Álvarez & Elisa Morais)



Born in Valladolid, they met while studying telecom engineering. Years later both moved to Manchester looking for ways to give way to their wild imagination. They started a slow transition towards animation filmmaking, and so after completing an MSc in audio production at Salford University they both got experience working in areas such as video production, interactive design, broadcast, sound design and animation. In 2013 they started Sois de Traca, a joint project mixing animation direction, filmmaking, multimedia art and experimentation.

Their animations combine traditional frame by frame techniques with digital tools. Their multimedia projects combine the latest technologies with traditional content. And they are always experimenting with new processes and projects that incorporate both worlds. Recurring themes in their work are daily inconsistencies, human nature and other irregularities so close to laugh as to drama. Previous works of them have been exhibited in places such as New Chitose Airport (Japan), Manchester Central Library, Tate Modern's The Tanks, Quays Culture Mobile cinema, The Space or Manchester Asia Triennial.