Ana Paula Garcês

 Ana Paula  Garcês Carvalho de Sousa e Costa Rodrigues (Aveiro, Portugal)





I studied Painting in university (ESAP-Guimarães) (3 years) and design (2 years).

Then I studied master’ degree (2 years) creation of contemporaneous Art at Aveiro


I frequented Drawing and Photography Workshops, Textiles Workshops. I was a

residential artiste (Nodar- Portugal) about rural sounds.

I began to participate in collective exhibition since 1993 and made my first

exhibition on 1998.

I organized art workshops and exhibitions for children and adults where they could

learn to paint or three-dimensional objects.

During my studies on the master I worked with textiles. To increase my knowledge

I worked some weeks with traditional embroiderers in northern Portugal. I made

some workshops about art-textiles (knitting, textile applications, rating and

features textiles). I went to the conference of Contextile 2012.

In my work I use the memory like handwork, used textiles, old technic and the

context of the work. I try to explore memories elements like sensation and senses

and make the work interact with to the public.