Ulrich Fohler

(Linz, Austria. 1977)
His work is formally simplified, though it has always been linked to visual
perception, noticeable materiality, meant to be perceived in a sensual way. Parallel
to this is an ephemeral nature common to many of his works when materials of
daily use work as a metaphor. “I always aim to create tension by contrasting contradictions
as a minimalist form versus emotional content”.
In the work “At home” all the black objects are combined into a threedimensional
assemblage. Some of the material used is positioned closer to the
camera whereas some is much further away. Thus a supposed distortion of
perspective is created which needs the viewer to locate the correct angle in order
to recognize the intended shape of the anamorphosis. The emerging shape
changes the appearance of the object to a two dimensional black image, a square.
The objects absorb the light and conflate to a plain. They are an image