Eddy Kaijser

Eddy Kaijser. (Netherlands)

organizer and curator

Route du Nord

enero de 2006 – now. Rotterdam

Route du Nord: Art & Culture festival with 150 artists, 7000+ visitors

General Manager

Studio ID Eddy B.V.

January 2000 –  now. Schommelstraat 87, Rotterdam

Art-design projects: The Flying Grass Carpet (Dutch Design Award), Urban Living Room, In Transit, Transparancy, Transparant Container series, Ciudad Perdida (Green Roof), The Magic Aquascope, The Soundscope, Where Are You?
Art Furniture: Jerry Light, TFGC Fatboy, Re-use lights, La Vie Industrielle
Art Work: photographic work

Exhibitions in China, Argentina, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Spain, The Netherlands

(Abrir)2 proyectos


Stichting NRC

2007 – 2009 

building local art network



2006 – 2009 

Member of the Board

Stichting Kunstkracht

enero de 2006 – enero de 2008 

Organizer and curator of different Art & Culture events


Urban Living Room(Enlace)

agosto de 2012

‘a living room in public space’

The Urban Living Room is a living room consisting of contemporary Dutch Design. A design that focuses on hospitality and small-scale meetings in the big city.It’s a social design which brings a temporary welcoming place to the urban environment. There, people can meet in a homely setting.

The Urban Living Room travels from place to place,city to city. There it  There it will add a contrasting layer to the local environment. The bright uni-color and the indoor homely feeling of the Urban Living Room make it stand out in urban landscapes, parks, in nature and exhibition spaces.

Meet, play and enjoy
The Urban Living Room is a social meeting place. That’s why all kinds of small scale activities are programmed. For instance, you can play board games, listen to (kids) story telling and enjoy live music from local musicians.

Public space
With the advancing urbanization and increasing economic interests, there’s a lot of pressure on public space. We design a public living room as a temporary social intervention. An intervention in public space where people can meet and enjoy. The Urban Living Room shows convincingly to whom the public space of the city belongs to: the people. Residents of the city get a temporary meeting place as a social statement.

Social context
The world urbanizes rapidly. People live closer together
and cities keep on expanding. How to hold a bond with the city that is changing so rapidly? The large scale of the city demands the opposite: a home. Feeling at home is a special feeling. By putting a living room setting in an unexpected place, we create an opportunity for that home feeling. With this project we want to explore that feeling. Important in the development of a city are the contacts between people, especially on a cultural and social level. The Urban Living Room is a prime example of encouraging this.

The Flying Grass Carpet(Enlace)

mayo de 2008

Hop on board the Flying Grass Carpet and join it in its quest for adventure and urban leisure.Studio ID Eddy and HUNK-design have designed the Flying Grass Carpet; it’s an instant park that can be unfolded in any city. This way bringing a unique experience of fun and relaxation that can be shared worldwide. Next European Capitals of Culturel.

The Flying Grass Carpet is designed to look like an immense Persian rug with its pattern executed in different types of artificial grass, giving it a typical look and touch. The design consists of different parts that can be adjusted to any location. The size of the Flying Grass Carpet can be altered from 18 by 22 meters to 25 by 36 meters.

When landed in a city the Flying Grass Carpet is ideal for all kinds of events. As with ordinary parks, people can lie down on the grass or play ball with their friends. But its attractive appearance is also perfect for special events. It’s an excellent spot to have a Frisbee tournament, a city picnic and all sorts of contests and performances.

The Flying Grass Carpet delivers a beautiful alternative for city dwellers to enjoy the city. It brings instant cosiness and a green leisure feeling to any city where it lands. The combination of green, beauty and activity makes the Flying Grass Carpet irresistible!