Ana Hušman

Ana Husman, born in Zagreb in 1977



Visual artist working mostly with film, investigating the possibilities of animation, documentary, amateurism and forms of articulation. Since 2002, I have been involved with a variety of projects and collaborations, including installations, film performances, sound works, etc.,  but in last few years I have concentrated on short films in which I combine stop frame and continuous shots.

Her work is concerned with everyday events, like cooking, cleaning or football to explore the role of women, or the roles women have been assigned. Through her works she questions social normativity and its changes, the position of women and the everyday and how this affects public space and social relations. She uses documentary elements in film, sound, installation and books, and is increasingly interested in the voice and the possibilities of articulation. 

Studied multimedia and art education department graduating in 2002 from the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, Croatia. Attended number of Croatian and International festivals and shows.At the moment working on Academy of fine arts department of animated film and new media. For her last works she received many international awards.

Her works has been shown at festivals and exhibitions including; 9th Gwangju Biennale, 53rd Oktobar Salon, Beograd, Medienturm Gallery, Graz; On the Eastern Front, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts, Budapest; “lucy” bodig & ART ON STAGE, URA, Istanbul, Stuttgarter Filmwinter; IFF Rotterdam, 25 fps, Zagreb; DOK, Leipzig, Deutschland