João Pedro Trindade

Born in Aveiro, João Pedro lives in Oporto since 2009. Currently he is in the "nal year of studies in
Fine Arts - Painting, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Oporto and a member of the group of students
responsible for the organization and dissemination of works of new potential artists at Painel Gallery -
a partnership between two faculties of Oporto University. In 2012, João worked as an instructor on
several painting workshops for young students related with the university - "Junior University 2012".
- Participation in a collective exhibition in the context of the course Drawing Practices, at Júlio
Resende Foundation 2012.
- First prize in the contest "Young Creators Aveiro" in the "eld of painting.
- Participation in the project "Terzo Paradiso" with MichelAngelo Pistoletto under the project of
Guimarães Capital of Culture 2012.
- Workshop for realistic painting with Antonio Lopez Garcia and Cristobal Toral, organized by the
association CreArt (Network of cities for Artistic Creation), Valladolid, February 25 - March 1, 2013.
- Exhibition at Painel Gallery, "Delimitation of scale," Oporto 2013
- Collective exhibition "Resgate", Barcelos, 2013