Tvrtko Buric

06.11.1982 Bjelovar (Croazia)



Tvrtko Buric born November 6 1982 in Bjelovar (Croatia). He begins his artistic activity in the studio of the painter Mazuranic in Zagreb. In the same city will

receive a degree in Interior design at the School of Art and Design. After high school he went to Genoa, where he start to study Industrial design, after that

he study a specialization in product design in 2010. Currently lives and works as a freelance artist in Italy.


2010 Master Degree in Product Design, University of Genoa, (Italy) Faculty of Architecture

2008 Degree in Industrial Design, University of Genoa, (Italy) Faculty of Architecture.



2016 Personal exhibition, Showroom PWC, Milan

2015 From energy to energy, Museum Galata, Genova

2015 From energy to energy" MED - 3R, Maison de l'Environnement, Nice

2015 Winner of the call, From energy to energy", Palazzo Verde, Genoa

2015 Site-specific installation, Cerruti arte, Genoa

2014 Personal exhibition, Cerrutiarte, Genoa

2014 Site-specific installation “Crowd” Route du nord light, (Holland) Rotterdam

2013 Site-specific installation “Landscape” Creart, (Holland) Delft

2013 Winner of the call "SHOT" Site-specific installation "Life Line" - Sala Dogana

2013 Site-specific installation “Historical Landscape” - Genova, Museum Palazzo Bianco

2013 Site-specic installation “Post Human” – Genova, Museum Palazzo Ducale

2011/2012 Personal exhibition “Product Human” - Genoa, Palazzo Ducale, Sala Dogana

2011 Site-specic installation “Continuum” – Aquila, Commercial center Meridiana.