Carlos Sanz Aldea

Carlos Sanz Aldea.  Valladolid (Spain)




In 1978 he becomes part of the artist collective “Taller 14” in Soria.

 In the early 80s he moves to Madrid where he graduates in Fine Arts from the Complutense University while at the same time attending the Contemporary Art Workshops at the Circulo de Bellas Artes. At the CEV he graduates in Communication Image and Sound Studies.

From 1987 on he carries out various artistic projects exploring various languages. From that period we can highlight: installation-performance "Toulouse, Garonne, Camaron" Facultad BBAA De Toulousse y Construcción Land Art "Moncayo-Lara”; in 1989 he forms part of the artist collective “Colectivo Alen”, participating in their exhibitions and publications, representing Spain at FITAC 94 (Guadalajara Mexico).

Until the mid-90s he focuses his work on audiovisual production through "Fenicia", his own company located in Valladolid, which becomes his place of residence and where he begins teaching. In 1998 he is awarded the "Fray Luis de León" national award for painting.

In the summer of 1999, in Morocco, he directs the short documentary titled "Nadir ".

In February, 2000 the "Travelling Atheist” exhibition at the Casa del S.XV in Segovia.

In 2002 he participates in the exhibitions “Intergenerational Landscapes”, Academy of Spain in Rome, and “Espacio ART” at Mercedes, Europe’s installations in Furth, Nuremberg (Germany).

In 2005 "The Tree of Desire" "Constelacion Arte” project

From then on the search through landscape and its elements (such as cars or architecture) from a place outside of time, gives meaning to subsequent solo exhibitions.

2007-2008 “East-West, Ekialdea-Bendemaldea", Galería Kur in San Sebastián and "Rendering time- a dreamed landscape of urban culture”, Galeria Lametro, in Valencia.

2009 Thematization of the Alicante-Benidorm Tram and "CAVE CANEM" at Fundación Segundo y Santiago Montes, Valladolid.

2010 Documentary archive of artists of Castilla y León, MUSAC

2011 "Windoor" Proyecto Galerias, Segovia prison creation centre. Segovia 2016 y La Fábrica.

2012 " Soria in alto mare, e al di lá”. Palacio de la Audiencia, Association of Architects in Monreal, Soria.

2014 artist collective at Cortabitarte Gallery in Soria.