Vygintas Orlovas

Vygintas  Orlovas. (1989, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Email: vygintas.o@gmail.com

Website: http://www.saatchiart.com/vygintas

 I am an artists interested in the diversity of possible points of view concerning the same concept, topic or object. Therefore, my works often involve transformation from one media to another and the analysis of the process, furthermore, the process often becomes the work of art and the object itself.

 Perception of the world is often the inspiration to create and analyse for me.

 The tools I use often involve printmaking, photography, painting, field recording and sound.

 I consider J. Baldassari, W. Kandinsky, C. Nicolai, P. Mondrian, V. Vasarely. M. K. Čiurlionis, J. Pollock, H. Jenny to be the artists that inspire me most.


PhD of Arts, Vilnius Art Academy (2014-present)

Master of Arts, Vilnius Art Academy (2012-2014)

Bachelore of Fine Arts, Vilnius Art Academy (2008-2012)

Group Exhibitions:

2014 04 22 - live performance in "performative art lab", gallery "Titanic", Vilnius.

2013 06-07 - project Streaming the Baltics, Gotland, Sweden.

2012 06 16 - live performance in exhibition "Art cells", Vilnius.

2012 01 19 – 02 04 - "Variations", gallery "Titanic", Vilnius.

2011 12 – 2012 01 - "REMIX 2011", gallery "arka", Vilnius.

2011 11 11 - live performance in art festival "Insanitus".

2011(09-10) - "Lithuania's tale", the Radvilų palace in Vilnius.

2011 m. - "Signs of Vilnius", Vilnius city hall.

2011(08-09) – "21-st century self-portrait", gallery "arka", Vilnius.

2011(07-08) – underwater glass art exhibition "aqualangas", lake Plateliai.

2011(05-06) – international glass miniature exhibition "h 50", Latvia, Ryga.

2009 - Student Art Days, Vilnius art academy, Vilnius.