Elena Finat Sáez


As a child, Elena used to get absorbed staring at textured walls, as if that stippled constellations were hiding characters and stories constantly reshaping depending on the light and framing. Now, she tries to recreate that fascinating textures, spreading them by different materials, perverting surfaces for the shake of sweeping off that shade of cold perfection and artificiality. Femininity, magic and surrealism are amongst her recurrent obsessions. So it’s light, vertical layouts, smoke and organic appearance.

Just the same as for illustrating she tends to use pen or collage, she enjoys as well using any other common material on her more artistic creations. This search towards simple media -almost relegated to the background because of their own obviousness- recently conducted her to experimenting with plastic bags. She tries to awake life on plastic through its wrinkles, transparencies and empty spaces, inspired by other artworks such as Vilde J.Rolfsen's photographies, Baptiste Debombourg’s frozen waves or Yao Lu’s garbage landscapes.

2015- Collective exhibit at three community centres (Juan de Austria, Serrada and J.L.Mosquera) with "Guardar Como”. Topic: 'Erotism in the 21st century'.
2015- TypeOn workshop: ‘Experimentation and artistic techniques in illustration’ with Raúl Allén.
2015- BIDI codes exhibit at shopping windows for ‘European Day of Artistic Creativity’ with CreArt.
2014- Leonardo (Scholarship) - “Strawberry” - Three months of working experience as a Designer.
2014- Collective exhibit at “Esquilache” pub with "Guardar Como” group. Topic: 'Portraits'.
2014- Collective exhibit at Arroyo’s community center with "Guardar Como”. Topic: 'Modern times'.
2013- Collective exhibit at “Esquilache” Pub with "Guardar Como” artistic group. Free topic.
2013- TypeOn workshop - ‘Stamping techniques for clothing’ with “La Casita de Wendy”.
2013- TypeOn workshop - ‘Digital painting’ with Iván San Martín.
2013- TypeOn workshop - ‘Designing types and stencilling them’ with Laura Meseguer.
2013- Coursera MOOC - University of Colorado Boulder - ‘Comic Books & Graphic Novels’ by prof. William Kuskin.
2013- Goethe Institut - Deutsch Zertifikat B1.
2013/14- "Fanzine Ramalazo” - Regular illustrator.
2010/11- Erasmus (Scholarship)- Université Catholique de l’Ouest, ISCEA- Info&Com.
2008/09- "Agenda Comunicación” - Creative Designer.
2008- "Agenda Comunicación” - One-month working experience as a Graphic Designer.
2008- “ONCE” - New spot storyboard's contest - Copywriter at the regional winner team.
2008- “Titirimundi" (International Theatre and Puppets Festival) - Volunteer as street area coordinator (Juan Bravo and San Martín)
2007- "Titirimundi" (International Theatre and Puppets Festival) - Volunteer as artist's assistant at indoors space (Zuloaga Museum)
2006- “Titirimundi" (International Theatre and Puppets Festival) - Volunteer as artist's assistant at indoors space (Palacio Quintanar)
2005/08- Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Segovia - Bachelor’s degree in Illustration & Graphic Design.
2004/10- Universidad de Valladolid (Campus de Segovia) - Bachelor's degree in Advertising & Public Relations.
2004/05- Theater Group “Caleidosopio" - Performing actress in ‘Diálogo de Sombras’ (Lorca)
2003- Excellence in English (Scholarship)- King’s College London (University of London)- Upper Intermediate English Course.
2001- Finalist at “Cafe Compás” regional contest- Published tale as a writer.