Ildikó Márton

(Székelyudvarhely, Romania, 1981)

She is a young architect from Harghita County, Romania. “Photography it’s an infinite freedom in my life. In both of my activity I’m trying to show the spirit of the places, stories or feelings, the distinctive atmosphere of my closer region, Szeklerland”. Szeklerland lives in the difficult but productive pressure which is caused by the traditions and trends. Therefore, it is important to know the works and legacy of our predecessors and also to be able to fulfill the challenges of the present and the future. “We can learn a lot from the simple form of folk architecture, from the ambitious, essential mode of space creation and usage”. Architecture: workplaces and work experience January 2012 | Harghita County Council, Compartiment: Building Heritage, Miercurea Ciuc January 2010-January 2012 | Own architecture office, Miercurea Ciuc August 2005-January 2010 | Working with: arch. Esztány Gyózó, arch. Gergely Attila, arch. Korodi Szabolcs, arh. Tóvissi Zsolt, Miercurea Ciuc July-September 2002 | United States of América Education 2011 | Postgraduate Studies on Thermal Energy, BB University, Cluj Napoca 2009-2011| Román András Summer University Course on Monument Protection, Eger, Hungary 2006-2008 | Postgraduate Studies on Historie Building Conservation, Tr.Trust Found - BB University, Cluj 1999-2005 | Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca “Tamási Áron” Hungarian Language High School - Mathematics- Physics classes Photography: exhibitions and prizes Group: around 20 expositions about Transylvania between 2010-2012 Independent: 2012.05, “Moments”, Budapest, Hungary First prize, Hungarian Unitarian Church of Transylvania, 2011 “Co-existence” International photo contest/exhibition, 2011, Budapest, Hungary