Onisim Colta

Arad, 1952

coltao@gmail.com 2006 

Painter, engraver, set designer - born in Baia Sprie, Maramureş, on 10 June 1952. Graduated painting at the „Ion Andreescu” Academy of Visual Arts, Cluj-Napoca, 1976. A member of U.A.P., since 1980; Doctor in Visual Arts since 2006, Professor at the Faculty of Design, Arad („Aurel Vlaicu”University).

Between 1976-2014 he has made the set design for 80 performances at the Classical Theatre „Ioan Slavici” Arad.

International exhibitions (selection): 1979, 1994, 2004-Majdanek, Poland; 1981, 1982-Barcelona, Madrid, Spain; 1982-Moscow, Russia; 1984-Rome, Italy; 1985-Valparaiso, Chile; 1986-Rome, Italy; 1987-Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1988-Wroclaw, Poland; 1991-Szentendre, Hungary; 1992-New York, USA; 1993-Györ, Hungary; 1995-Tokio, Japan; 1996-Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 1997- Baia Mare, Romania; 1997, 1999 -Kaposvar, Hungary;1998,1999-Bucharest, Romania; 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013-Arad, Romania; 2005- Békéscsaba, Hungary; 2008, 2010, 2012- Pécs, Hungary; 2008- Plsen,Czech Rep; Pochlarn, Austria; 2011, 2012-Arad, Romania; 2013 Budapest,Hungary.

Personal exhibitions (selection): 1976-The „Filo”Art Gallery, Cluj; 1979-The „Alfa”Gallery, Arad; 1979-The UAP Gallery, Cluj; 1982-The „Diogene”International Gallery, Athens, Greece; 1987- „Helios” Gallery, Timişoara, Romania; 1986- The „Căminul Artei” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania; 1988-The „Severin Rautenberg”Gallery, Aachen, Germany; 1989-The „Vatra”Gallery Tg.-Mureş, Romania; 1989- The „Rosengarten”Gallery, Bielefeld, Germany; 1992-„Arta”Gallery, Arad, Romania; 1994-The Romanian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary; 1994-The „Noi” Publishing House, Gyula, Hungary; 1996-The National Art Museum, Cluj, Romania; 1998-The Art Museum Oradea, Romania; 1999-The „Erkel Ferenc”Museum (The„Durer” Hall), Gyula, Hungary; 2000-The Art Museum, Arad, Romania; 2001 – “Triade” Gallery, Timișoara; 2002-The „Delta” Gallery, Arad, Romania; 2002-Hungarian Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania; 2004-Agadir, Marocco; 2005-The Art Museum, Baia Mare, Romania; 2006 The UAP Gallery, Bistriţa, Romania; 2006-The National Art Museum Cluj, Romania; 2007- The Gallery Pécsy, Hungary; 2008-The „Calina”Gallery, Timisoara, Romania; 2009 The Municipal Gallery Plsen, Czech.Rep.; 2010-The Art Museum, Timisoara, Romania; The „Dana”Gallery, Iaşi, Romania; 2011-The National Museum „Brukenthal”, Sibiu, Romania; 2012-The Art Museum Arad; 2013 -“Horeb” Gallery, Cluj-Napoca.

International Workshops: 2013 - CreArt “More Real Than Real”, Valladolid, Spain; 2013 – “Miszla Art”, Miszla, Hungary.

Awards: 1988-The Youth`s Award-The National Biennial of Drawing, Arad; 1990-The UAP Award-The National Biennial of Drawing, Arad; 1998- The Great Award-UAP Arad; 1999-The Rotary Club Arad Award, The National Biennial of Draving, Arad, 2000-The UAP Award for Painting, Arad, 2006 – U.A.P.R. (ex equo) Award for Graphic Art, Bucharest, 2011 - The Sculpture Award „Lascar Viorel” National Exhibition, Piatra Neamţ, Romania.

Biographic references: „Modern and Contemporary Art Dictionary” by Constantin Prut; Univers Enciclopedic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2002.