Marit Roland

Marit Roland (born 1981 Kristiansand, Norway) works with sculptural drawings which she calls “Paper Drawings”. Roland took her Bachelor (2010) and Master (2012) degree at NTNU, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art Norway. For updated CV and more information please have a look at her webpage.


 “I work with sculptural drawings which I call “Paper Drawings”. This is an extension of my previous classical drawing practice, and also a displacement of the paper in the act of drawing. The “Paper Drawings” have a three-dimensional form, are often site-specific and appear as sculptures, yet I still claim that they are drawings.

When first left a big sheet of paper hanging from a single pin on the wall, something new happened. The material that I previously had considered a practical necessity was given its own intrinsic value. With a background in classical figurative drawing I started to work with a meditative abstract expression in the quest to challenge my drawing expression further. Through this process I came to a point where I wanted to meet the line physically. Not only as a two-dimensional controllable line on paper, but as physical resistance. I began to draw with and not on the paper, and the drawings developed into sculptural forms. I wanted the line to rise up from the paper, and bring it into a tree-dimensional reality.

My work is often site-specific and is therefore created on the location in which it is shown, it can not be moved and is always destroyed after it has been exhibited. It is physically and mentally challenging to create the drawings in just a few days, and this fragility is an important aspect of the work, practically as well as theoretically. The “Paper Drawings” and their development consist of performative and improvised elements, and careful consideration is given to the nature of the exhibition space. The architecture and temperament of the space is crucial to how the work is created. Sometimes resulting in small gestures and other times big and massive installations like “Paper Drawing # 8.” But always with the basic drawing tools as my only material.”