Jorge Peligro

Ponferrada, León. Spain (1979). Nowadays lives and works in Valladolid, Spain | (+34) 636 693 861 |

Education and qualifications

· Senior technician in Plastic Arts and Design in the speciality of illustration with a final score of 9 in the School of Arts and Crafts. Valladolid (2002)

· Typographical seminar Uses and styles in the editorial production, taught by Enrique Longinotti, Hernán Ordoñez, Enric Jardí and José Manuel Urós. Valladolid (2003)

Work experience

· Graphic designer in RQR Communication, graphic design studio reference in Valladolid (2005-present)

· Freelance in the area of illustration, graphic design and decorating (since 1997)

Exhibitions / achievements /publications

· Artist selected to exhibit at the Exhibition Hall of the Teatro Calderón. Valladolid (2016)

· Government of Spain MAEC-AECID 9 month Grant as a fellow for the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome in the graphic design category to carry out the project Roma: Línea B. Rome, Italy (2013-2014)

· Exhibition The Pop-Up Royal Academy final projects from artists and researchers of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (June 2014) and Royal Fine Arts Academy of San Fernando in Madrid (February 2015)

· Selected artist for the CreaVa festival, artistic festival of Valladolid (2014 and 2015 editions)

· Member of the artistic collective Nos Comen los Nipones, group of illustrators of Valladolid (since 2013)

· Selected artist for the Espanish Connection Exhibition in High Roller Society of London (2012)

· Author of the proyect Typstories, project focused on typographic experimentation (since 2012)

· Selected artist for the Street Fonts book by Claudia Walde, publisher Thames and Hudson published in Spains as Alfabeto Graffiti publisher Gustavo Gili (2011)

· Collective exhibition Cerebors Líquidos: The expo. Galería Samuel, Valladolid (2006)


· Graffiti writer having done works over all the Spanish geography and in European capitals (since 1994)

· Il Muro project. Rome, Italy (2013-2014)

· Workshop mural painting Museo Nacional de Escultura, project museo calle. Valladolid (2014)

· Collective mural of over 400 m², Los Murales de la Luz. Av. Salamanca, Valladolid (2015)

Digital publications