Annalisa Macagnino

1981- Lecce (Italy)




Annalisa Macagnino borns in Tricase (South Italy) in december 1981.

2000 Graduated at Istituto Statale d’Arte “E. Giannelli”, Parabita (LE).

2010 Degree in History of Contemporary Art at the Faculty of Cultural Heritage by the Università del Salento (Lecce).

Her artistic research begins in 2001 and interesting different ways of contemporary creativity (performances, installations, sculpturing, painting, embroidery and screen painting), but mostly drawing, as emotional synthesis medium, used to express fugacity and restlessness of thought. By this way, the artist place ourselves in front of her personal and sometimes autobiographical vision of female identity. In 2013 she has been selected at “CreArt- network of cities for artistic creation” in Lecce and by Ilaria Bonacossa for the First European Exhibition Of The Creart Project, MORE REAL THAN REAL. In December 2013, her artist’s book “Senza Titolo” (“Untitled”) is published in the series “Traffici d’Artista” by publishing house Edizioni Esperidi. Actually she lives and works between Lecce (South Italy) and Rome.


2013 -Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria.


2010 -The Honey Room, curated by Marinilde Giannandrea, Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Lecce. -Me Myself and I, Spazio Sociale ZEI, Lecce.

2004 -A Girl Like Me, Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Lecce. 2003 -Disegni. Segni. Grafie., curated by Mauro Marino, Fondo A. Verri, Lecce.



- MORE REAL THAN REAL - The First European Exhibition Of The Creart Project, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa, Municipal Exhibition Hall Museum of “La Pasión”, Valladolid (ES); Palazzo Vernazza, Lecce (IT); Clio and Ovidiu Maitec Galleries - Complexul Muzeal, Arad (RO).

-I Low Art 4, curated by Mara Nitti and Roberta Fiorito, ARTCORE Gallery, Bari.

-CreArt - Network Of Cities For Artistic Creation, First Edition, curated by Lorenzo Madaro, ex Convento dei Teatini, Lecce.


-ARMONICHE COSE, curated by Gioia Perrone, Palazzo Guerrieri, Trepuzzi (LE).

-AUTORITRATTI. ARTISTI DEL TERZO MILLENNIO, curated by Massimo Guastella, Albergo Palazzo Ferrovia, Ceglie Messapica (BR).


-AUTORITRATTI. ARTISTI DEL TERZO MILLENNIO, curated by Massimo Guastella, Quartiere Fieristico, Galatina (LE).

-PERCORSI ARTISTICI SALENTINI, curated by Massimo Guastella, Museo P. Cavoti, Galatina (LE).

-I.D. ENTITY, curated by Ilaria Oliva, Casa Carbotti, San Vito dei Normanni (BR).

-WONDERART, curated by Angela Grandolfo/CuratorialMlac, Teatro Centrale Preneste, Roma.

-ARTE IN CIRCOLO, curated by Angela Grandolfo/CuratorialMlac, Circolo degli artisti, Roma.

- THEY HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOM, curated by Claudia Giordano and Giuseppe Racanelli, C.S.O.A. Mercato Occupato, Bari.


-AVVENTURE MINIME, curated by Antonello Tolve, Archivio Storico/Sede Storica ex Convento di San Lorenzo, Salerno.

-FILO CONDUTTORE, Porta Mesagne, Brindisi, textus receptus by T. Ariemma.

-[QUATTRO], Casa delle Donne di Lecce (ex Liceo Musicale T. Schipa) and Fondo A. Verri, Lecce.


-IO, curated by Sergio Nannicola, Palazzo Comunale – ex Convento degli Agostiniani, Sogliano Cavour (LE).

-SHE DEVIL ON TOUR, curated by Simona Brunetti, MNAC, Bucarest. -SHE DEVIL. TERZA EDIZIONE, curated by Simona Brunetti, Galleria Studio Stefania Miscetti, Roma.


-POLVERI MADRI E DI CIVILTÀ, curated by Gianluca Marinelli, Cantina Albea, Alberobello (BA).


-SCAPECES, INTENTI CONTEMPORANEI, curated by Gianluca Marinelli, Castello Valva d’Ayala, Carosino (TA).


-CONTATTI, Centro Storico, Campi Salentina (LE).


-ESPRESSIONISMI, curated by Mauro Marino, ex Convento dei Teatini, Lecce.