Annalisa Pisoni Cimelli


My artistic research is about images of human body and skin details, reconnaissance of folds and wrinkles, tension of hands and bones. In my opinion skin may be considered as an envelope which does not enclose our physical body only, but our feelings, thoughts and personal history as well. Because of this, l take macro enlarged photos of skin details as if they were viewed through a microscope. By proceeding this way it is possible to find signs which witnesses the origine of emotions.



2015 - CLOSER 2.0, Exhibition organized by Juliet Art Magazine, Trieste

2014 - CLOSER, Officina Letteraria, Genova, curator Emilia Marasco

2013 - LA ZONA D'IMPATTO, Trieste, curated by Juliet Art Magazine

- PRIMO RICORDO, solo exhibition/event at Museum Commenda S. Giovanni di Pré, Genova 


2013 - POTERE TRANSITORIO, Trieste, curated by Juliet Art magazine with collaboration of Aiap Unesco, Portogruaro

- MOSTRAMI 200 ARTISTI, sala delle Grida, Palazzo della Borsa, Genova (Italy), organized by Fondazione Garaventa

2012 - LUMINOSITÀ CORPOREE, Loggia della Mercanzia, curator Alessandra Gagliano Candela, Simona Barbera and Bjcem, Genova.

2007 - MONITORAGGI, held in the Museum of the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova, and in Exhibition hall Qanat Al Qasba, Sharjah Arab Emirate of Sharjah (published catalogue) 

2006 - REMAKE, Gallery En Plein Air, contemporary art, Torino, (published catalogue)

- 13x18, contest/exhibition, independent gallery, Berlin

- 9 GIOVANI ARTISTI INCONTRANO GLI ARTISTI DELL’800, Museum of the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova, Curator Alessandria Gagliano Candela

- EXIT 10, at Bologna Art Fair, Bologna (Italy), Curator Associazione Culturale Voltaire (published catalogue)

2004 - LE FORME DELLA LUCE, Festival della Scienza, Expo hall Berio, Genova, curator Alessandro Lupi, Genova

-2003 RESTA DOMICILIARI, (site specific), Telecom04 prize, Alessandria 

- PENSIERI E PAROLE…, Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce, Genova, Curator Cesare Viel

2002 - STORIE DI CITTÀ, workshop held by Roberto Pinto and Centro della Creatività, Genova. With the collaboration and presence of many critics of art and contemporary artists such as Luca Vitone, Bert Theis, Carlos Garaicoa, A12, Emanuela de Cecco e Cesare Viel. Projects and works production for the city with final exhibition

- EXHIBITION TO YOUNG ARTS ACADEMY, Museum S. Agostino Genova, Curator Alessandra Gagliano Candela



2015 - JULIET ART MAGAZINE, extra issue: Incroci Eterogenei, curated by Emilia Marasco

2014 - DIA.FORIA PROJECT, Faccia Non Mente, 6 stories, an anthology of various authors and artists, Edizioni Cinquemarzo